Paris, FR

brand development • content production

xoberlin is an agency focused on content creation for sustainable fashion and beauty brands. We worked with them on business development initiatives, including a social media video campaign for Dr. Haushka.


New York, NY

brand development • event production • content production 

Produced an event for 100+ people in a gallery space in New York for a select group of rock music enthusiasts and readers of InsideHook. The event was hosted by Alec Baldwin and produced in partnership with Rock Paper Photo on behalf of our client, The Macallan. 

Mother’s Milk

Berlin, DE

art direction • content production

Mother’s Milk is a group of artists reimagining the act of performance as a collective, emotional process. We produced a video that screened during their show at the Theater im Delphi in Berlin in partnership with Rasmus Bell (videography) and Timur Novikov (sound design).

Tales of Us

Democratic Republic of Congo

content production • design

Tales of Us is a project that connects and teaches children from around the world through the act of storytelling. We worked on the design of their first educational book, a bilingual documentation of the oral tradition of a native Congo tribe.

Images and video by Georgie Wileman, Rasmus Bell, Radon Creative, Tabitha Swanson, Leonor von Salisch, Rita Couto, Jen Siska.

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